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Bruce D. Gordon

Canadian fiction author of humorous and dissatisfied lives.

Email: info @ dissatisfiedbruce .com (see also Contact page).

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Bio—100 words

Bruce D. Gordon is a Canadian fiction author. His first book, Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story (2021, Renaissance), is a humorous mock-memoir teaming with pop-culture nostalgia. After working many years as an IT manager for the federal government, Bruce’s love for creative writing was first sparked by the challenge of NaNoWriMo in 2017. Since then, he’s participated in NaNoWriMo each year with the goal of publishing a Dissatisfied Me trilogy. He lives in Ottawa with his wife, Canadian speculative fiction author Cait Gordon. When not working or writing, Bruce enjoys playing guitar, watching superhero movies, and listening to Iron Maiden.


Words of praise

Reminiscent of John Irving, this is a novel with heart and humour and its wackiness is utterly charming. Get dissatisfied! 

Jamieson Wolf, award-winning author of Love and Lemonade, on Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story

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Cover image description: A white man is sitting on a brown couch, holding a beer in one hand and the other arm is resting on top of the couch. He's dressed in a long-sleeve white sweatshirt that is too short and shows his tummy. He's also wearing a Duncan kilt, long white socks, and black shoes. He has a paper bag on his head with eye holes cut out. Beside him on the couch is a cardboard box with "Scottish Rot CDs" in black marker. There is wood panelling on the walls and a red squirrel painting with a purple background. T
Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story (Book one of the series)


In the ’Cosm with Cait Gordon (Bonus Episode: How being “dissatisfied” can lead to a book series, with Bruce D. Gordon)

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