Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story

Reminiscent of John Irving, this is a novel with heart and humour and its wackiness is utterly charming. Get dissatisfied! 


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Dissatisfied Me, A Love Story, is now available for pre-order! This is the first book in my Dissatisfied Me series and was the reason I “won” NaNoWriMo in 2017. I even have the second book in progress: Dissatisfied Me II: West Coast Larry.

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Cover image description: A white man is sitting on a brown couch, holding a beer in one hand and the other arm is resting on top of the couch. He's dressed in a long-sleeve white sweatshirt that is too short and shows his tummy. He's also wearing a Duncan kilt, long white socks, and black shoes. He has a paper bag on his head with eye holes cut out. Beside him on the couch is a cardboard box with "Scottish Rot CDs" in black marker. There is wood panelling on the walls and a red squirrel painting with a purple background. T

Rick “Dickie” Duncan is turning fifty. Meh.

On the eve of this mid-century milestone, he finds himself alone in his mother’s Ottawa basement, surrounded by gaudy decor and a carpet that hasn’t been raked in years. Grabbing some brews and frozen hotdogs, Rick rummages through the clutter that’s made up his dissatisfied life.

From the death of Santa to the last days of Scottish Rot, Rick meanders through the decades, mapping his existence amid the pop culture of the ’70s to the present day.

Marking key moments of his unsated misadventures and real-life dating disasters, Rick reminds himself that his journey is a love story. Sort of.

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