Dissatisfied Me, A Love Story

Rick Duncan (please don’t call him Dickey) is turning 50—tomorrow. On the eve of his birthday, alone in his mother’s basement, he finds himself with time to think. From the death of Santa to his collection of nocturnal dreamgirls and real-life dating disasters, Rick can’t seem to pinpoint a season of solace in his dissatisfied existence.

And tonight, as he watches a grainy Scottish Rot video, Rick meanders through each episode of the past half-century, marking the key moments of his unsated misadventures, reminding himself that this journey is a love story.

Sort of.

A silly cover that Wifey made for me for NaNoWriMo. ID: Cartoon of a man with a paper bag over his head, thinking, “Ugh.” His blue shirt says “Srlsy?” Text reads: Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story, Bruce Gordon


My first novel, Dissatisfied Me, A Love Story, is now being prepared for beta readers, and hopefully will be submit-worthy by March! It’s the first book in my Dissatisfied  series, and was the reason I “won” NaNoWriMo in 2017. I even have the second book in progress: West Coast Larry.

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