About me

Well, let me introduce myself…I am Bruce Gordon, Web guy by profession…headbanger, Britcom, and football fan by passion.  When yahoo started doing this e-mail thing, now one I knew used their real name. It always seemed to be some bizarre alpha-numeric combination, nickname, or just nonsense.

So, I chose my alter-ego, the Lord Flashheart from the late 80s Britcom the Blackadder, and prefixed my emails with bg_ (needed some way to identify myself!). Like me, Flashy has an obnoxious, rude sense of humour! Unlike me, he really is an over-the-top misogynistic ego maniac…you just have to laugh. Woof!

The Lord Flashheart, Blackadder

So welcome to my words of thought. Feel free to drop me a comment or tow and follow me on Twitter at @bg_flashheart!

Lets dooooooooooooooooo it!