The Dromedarian

Author’s Note: I humbly submit January’s edition of  Cait Gordon’s 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge,‘ featuring a castle as this month’s setting, the object is a coffee/tea press, and the genre is science fiction – all in 1000 words. Thanks for reading and enjoy! George opened his bedroom curtains to a sunny day. A lifelong bachelor, the middle-aged … More The Dromedarian

100 Days of Dissatisfaction – 2018 Edition

Day 100 of 100 Days Dissatisfaction- 2018 Edition Done for another year dudes and dudettes, and what a day to end my dissatisfaction posts! Our government finally delivered on an “important” electoral promise, and looking forward to increased revenue due to higher Doritos sales, peace and love to flow through our land, and a new … More 100 Days of Dissatisfaction – 2018 Edition

Export, “Eh?” – A Canadian Ghost Story

Author’s Note: I have a weird love/hate relationship with the horror and paranormal genres.  I cannot articulate exactly why something I find repulsive one moment can be of high interest the next. For example, one of my favorite shows is “Dexter,” but I have an aversion to vampires – yet I didn’t mind American Horror Story’s … More Export, “Eh?” – A Canadian Ghost Story

Murder at the Lodge

Author’s Note: I complain about the cold in winter,  and I hate the oppressive heat of summer – but I am grateful for writing to pass the time when going outside is just not that pleasant. I humbly submit July’s edition of  ‘Nathan Burgoine’s 2018 monthly flash fiction challenge,‘ featuring a dam as this month’s location, the … More Murder at the Lodge

The Junkyard Brownie

At the urging of wifey, I’ve decided to participate in author ‘Nathan Burgoine’s 2018 monthly flash fiction challenge. Author’s Note: Brownies are commonly known as wonderful chocolaty-cake treats we all love and enjoy. In context of this story, the brownie, as found in Scottish folklore, is a friendly elf. I first got exposed to brownies … More The Junkyard Brownie

How to Win Friends and Influence People – on Facebook

I am the king of Facebook friends!  I have a whopping 154! Down from over 250 five years ago! I am THE poster child for Facebook popularity. My general rule of thumb on Facebook is that if we have met and get along, you can join the Bruce Gordon dissatisfaction show. If we have not met, … More How to Win Friends and Influence People – on Facebook