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Welcome to the home of Dissatisfied Bruce, an aspiring author who has passion for writing, music, and pop-culture. Bruce is developing his Dissatisfied Me series—three books featuring three individuals’ personal dissatisfactions. Though intended to be standalone novels, they are best enjoyed reading in sequence.

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Dissatisfied Me: the Series

Book cover: Dissatisfied Me: A Love Story
(cover concept)

A Love Story

Follow Rick Duncan— an insecure introvert—in his struggles to overcome his life’s dating disasters.

Coming in 2021

Book cover: Dissatisfied Me 2: West Coast Larry

West Coast Larry

Follow Larry Johnstone—an ego-centric layabout—who pursues a “white picket fence” dream, with wife, home, and fathering children.

Status: Alpha reading

Book cover: Dissatisfied Me 3: Red Angel
(cover concept)

Red Angel

Follow Cheryl Smith— aka Red Angel— who searches to unravel the mysteries of her family.

Status: In Development

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